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Social Media Producer

You need content if you want to get your clients attention.

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Facebook Pages / Groups & YouTube Channels

Use the two largest social media sites in the world by building interest and attracting followers and subscribers.

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Video Production

We can help you develop a 30-second trailer or a one-hour product rollout.

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Since 2001

The Beginning

In 2001 is when Wiley Studios was born. It happened when my wife and I left Del Mar, California and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I also shut down my computer consulting business and decided that the future was the internet. I first started just doing authority sites. Our first website was called thesantafesite.com. My wife wrote weekly articles about events, places to visit and even ones about how to find the best turquoise jewelry. Besides that, we had numerous new websites that are all retired now. In 2007 I was recruited to be a financial advisor and put Wiley Studios on hold. In 2016 I sold my practice and have spent the last two years catching up. A year and a half ago I started learntobbq.com.  I love BBQing and felt I could build a better website. I also started my Learn to BBQ YouTube Channel that has over 1.400 subscribers and 50,000-minute views a month.

Next Steps...

If you want to develop a web presense ( a lot more than a website). If you want to see how multi media will increase visitors and improve your odds of finding new clients then click on the button and I promise to get back to you ASAP.